BBC Top Gear UK – 英国BBC汽车秀 – 2016年合集打包下载

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Following the winning formula of the hit BBC show, Top Gear magazine is essential reading for all petrol-heads. Each issue is packed with the latest supercars and gadgets, along with a generous helping of the show's trademark banter and expert opinions. You'll also find reviews of family cars and valuable consumer advice with road tests, price guides and world-first features. If you want a mix of entertainment, useful car reviews and fascinating motoring news from around the globe, then Top Gear is the car magazine for you.

在英国广播公司(BBC)的热门节目《Top Gear》获奖后,《Top Gear》对所有的石油巨头来说都是必不可少的读物。每个问题都充斥着最新的超级跑车和小玩意,以及大量的展示商标的玩笑和专家意见。你还可以通过道路测试、价格指南和世界一流的功能,找到家庭汽车的评论和有价值的消费者建议。如果你想要混合娱乐,有用的汽车评论和迷人的汽车新闻来自全球,那么Top Gear是你的汽车杂志。




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