Cake Masters – 蛋糕大师 – 2017年合集打包下载

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Cake Masters Magazine is an exciting monthly cake and baking publication available in print and digitally. Each issue of the magazine is based on a theme and contains regular news, exclusive interviews, recipes, products, tutorials, special themed features and coverage of the best cake and baking shows from across the world. Cake Masters was born from the community of bakers and cake decorating enthusiasts who come together on our Facebook page to share creations and knowledge about all things baking. We are now a strong community of 650,000+ members baking, sharing and decorating – why not join us!


Cake Masters - 蛋糕大师 - 2017年合集打包下载


Cake Masters – 蛋糕大师 – 2017年合集打包下载


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