H&E Naturist – H&E 裸体主义者 – 2017年合集打包下载

What is naturism?

In essense, naturism is a lifestyle enjoyed without clothing. But it can get a little more complex, as naturism means different things to different people. There are some people who like to go nude 24/7, or as much as possible, whatever the weather. Some like to be social, some are more solitary. For most naturists in the UK, going without clothes is something that is enjoyed when it is appropriate and natural to do so, be that around the house, in a secluded garden, on a naturist beach, or at a naturist club, spa or resort. For many naturists, going nude is accompanied by a greater attention to healthy living and being in harmony with the natural environment. The bottom line (pun intended!), though, is that being without clothing can be a liberating experience, and there is nothing harmful, shameful or embarrassing about the naked body.

注:《H&E Naturist》并不是seqing杂志,而是单纯的成人杂志,说白就是一群信奉自然、不穿衣服、裸体面对大自然的爱好者,其中有女人、老人,甚至还有儿童

H&E Naturist – H&E 裸体主义者 – 2017年合集打包下载



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