Retro Gamer UK – 复古游戏杂志 – 2021年合集打包下载

Retro Gamer is the only magazine in the UK that’s fully dedicated to the halcyon days of classic gaming. If you’ve ever fondly blasted away at the Bydo Empire in R-Type, swung Bowser by the tail in Super Mario 64, or navigated all 20 levels of Matthew Smith’s Manic Miner, then this is the magazine for you. Created by a dedicated team of experts, Retro Gamer’s mission is to deliver constantly engaging and passionately written articles that cover a wide range of subjects. We offer our readership in-depth looks at classic games and franchises, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the software houses from yesteryear, and one-on-one exclusive interviews with industry veterans such as Archer Maclean and Hideo Kojima. Stylish, entertaining and beautifully presented, Retro Gamer is the ultimate guide to videogaming’s rich and diverse history.

《Retro Gamer》是英国唯一一本完全致力于经典游戏的宁静日子的杂志。如果你曾经在《R-Type》中轰击Bydo Empire,在《超级马里奥64》中挥舞Bowser的尾巴,或者在Matthew Smith的《maniic Miner》中完成所有20个级别,那么这本杂志就是为你准备的。由专门的专家团队创建,Retro Gamer的任务是不断传递具有吸引力和热情的文章,涵盖广泛的主题。我们为读者提供经典游戏和授权游戏的深度报道,过去软件公司的幕后故事,以及对行业资深人士(如Archer Maclean和Hideo Kojima)的一对一独家采访。时尚、娱乐和精美呈现,Retro Gamer是电子游戏丰富和多样化历史的终极指南。

Retro Gamer UK - 复古游戏杂志 - 2021年合集打包下载




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