T3 UK – 未来技术·英国版 – 2021年合集打包下载

A T3 magazine download is essential for anyone who needs to keep updated on the world’s best gadget. Launched in 1996, T3 magazine is Britain’s best-selling monthly technology magazine. T3 magazine features stunning photography and a powerful blend of news, reviews and features to keep our readers bang up to date with the latest gadgets. Each monthly issue includes a full list of the latest boys’ toys to come out, along with honest reviews of technological gadgets both new and old. Every reviewed gadget is given a rating, which allows readers to an honest and objective opinion before purchasing. EDITORIAL FEATURES: Showcase, Tfile, T3 Essentials (including Deluxe, Active, Style, Auto), Competitions, Reviews, Monster tests, Mini tests, How To, Buyer’s Guide, Installations and Entertainment features. T3 magazine also covers lifestyle consumer products including cars, hi-fi, mobile phones, home entertainment, computing and gaming products and gadgets. A T3 magazine subscription is the perfect gift for the gadget – lover!

T3杂志的下载对于任何需要更新世界上最好的小工具的人来说都是必不可少的。创办于1996年的T3杂志是英国最畅销的月刊科技杂志。T3杂志以令人惊叹的摄影和强大的新闻、评论和特写为特色,使我们的读者能够与最新的电子产品相媲美。每个月的问题包括最新的男孩玩具的完整清单,以及对新老技术产品的诚实评论。每一个被审查的小工具都有一个评级,它允许读者在购买之前有一个诚实和客观的意见。编辑功能:展示,Tfile, T3要素(包括豪华,主动,风格,汽车),竞赛,评论,怪物测试,迷你测试,如何,买家的指南,安装和娱乐功能。T3杂志还涵盖了包括汽车、高保真、移动电话、家庭娱乐、电脑和游戏产品和电子产品等生活消费品。T3杂志订阅是最完美的礼物——情人!

T3 UK - 未来技术·英国版 - 2021年合集打包下载




  1. 不知道是啥问题,其它的都能下载,就是这个进去之后直接转存网盘提示转存失败、也没法直接下载
    kaik 2023-01-27 0
    • 能看到资源,但是无法保存是吗,有没有试过换下浏览器或者网络试一下
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