Cots Journal – 军事电子和计算机杂志 – 2016年合集打包下载

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COTS Journal, the magazine of military electronics and computing, is a technology-in-context book that looks at any embedded technology any-where it exists. COTS Journal enjoys a broad readership of engineers and senior engineering management specializing in the development of embedded computers for government, military and aerospace applications.

COTS Journal是军事电子和计算机杂志,是一本关于任何嵌入式技术存在的任何嵌入式技术的上下文技术书籍。COTS Journal拥有广泛的工程师和高级工程管理读者,专门为政府,军事和航空航天应用开发嵌入式计算机。




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